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Pro Bono Work With The Youth

As part of my mission to help as many as I can achieve not only physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, but to really grow, thrive, and pursue the life of their dreams utilizing their gifts and talents to the utmost, I am offering youth in need guidance and mentorship in all of these areas at no cost.

Especially coming off this last year, they need more support now than ever before (as much as the adults do), and I've had several reach out asking for assistance - high school kids, college kids - but without the means to pay for their sessions.

Can't turn them away.

They ARE our future.

But we haven't done enough to create a healthy, nurturing environment for them.

Quite the opposite actually.

Chronic illness, obesity, a toxic and increasingly polluted earth, water, soil, and air; mental and emotional illness alongside suicide exponentially on the increase...

They need help in learning to care for their bodies with the right foods, practices and movement.

They need support and education in learning to self regulate and deal with challenging situations and people.

They need community.

And I'm here to provide what I can to give them those things.

I'm asking for your support in this. 

Support me by donating whatever money you can to help pay for their sessions. 

Any amount at all goes a long way in helping me cover expenses such as gas, renting space from local areas, or whatever else is needed to give them the support they need.

Thank you guys. Only together are we going to shift the tide, and raise everyone up.